Good news everyone!


29 May

Check out this competition open now, with £$€ prize:

The Masters Review

25 May

Like a bull in vintage music shop, we are smashing records all over the place - with our most stories in a single week, and our most comments week in a single week: The Natural World - with over 50 comments. Read them all here

13 May

Must have been a global pandemic or something - another new StoryClub member this River Crossing week - Paul who has unfortunately now misplaced his StoryClub cherry: Breakfast Stories

13 May

The Story Club family welcomed another victim member with Ana and her first story The Goose Death from Blackberries for our River Crossing theme week.

02 April

Congratulations to George who has chosen to spend his lockdown writing with the Story Club crew. Check out his first story for our Unbelievable Sight week Heaven Sent

25 March

Hello to Russ who has ventured bravely forth into the murky twilight of the StoryClub. Will he make it through? Who knows. But here is his first story with the default title: Under the Bed 1 - (this is what happens when you don't give your story a title)

the abyss